Arts in Healdsburg

Temporary Art Installation Program

March 2018: The City is has launched a temporary art installation program. Read more about the program here

Defining the City's Role in the Arts

January 2018: Progress Update

The fires of October 2017 put much of the City's work on hold temporarily. We are currently working with the Parks and Recreation Commission and community members on a temporary art installation pilot program. Check back for more information on this program later in January.

September 2017: City Council Presentation

On September 5, staff provided an update to City Council on the Community Conversation and input we received. City Council directed staff to continue work. View the presentation here.  

August 2017: The Arts in Healdsburg - A Community Conversation

The City of Healdsburg is initiating a process of working with the community to determine the City's and the community's role in encouraging and supporting the creative arts locally. As part of the City's effort, the City and Healdsburg Center for the Arts co-hosted a community conversation about the arts in Healdsburg on August 3, 2017. Approximately 50 members of the community attended and provided their input on the current status of the arts in Healdsburg and options for the future. The following is information from the meeting:

August 3 Community Conversation